Taking My Own Effie Advice




Things have been hard. Really hard these last several years.

Divorce. Moving. Finances. Career. Relationships. Now don’t get me wrong, there have been some beautiful moments that included love and joy. But overall, it has been hard. And just as I thought I would begin to rebuild a global pandemic hit and we all know how the last two years have been.


I have felt as though I was stripped back to my 2o-year-old self in every way. Floating. Unsure. Rediscovering. (And sometimes partying like I was in my 20s… I don’t recommend this part. You don’t bounce back nearly as fast. And I can tell you with certainty that my metabolism did not support this choice!)

So, here I am in 2022, moving closer to 44. And this year I have decided it will all come with ease. Career. Finances. Joy, Abundance. Relationships.


Ease. The absence of difficulty or effort.


What I have learned is that there will also be a shadow side to this… so where there is difficulty or absence of ease is where I will need to pay attention and notice if it is because I am forcing something, if it is out of alignment, or the effort is worth the reward.

My goal is to focus on what shows up in life with ease. The invitation. And when it does, to pay attention and notice if it is meant for me.


Do you have a word for the year? Do you need help discovering what it is? Are you looking to create change in your life this year? Send me a note. Let’s chat. The worst that can happen is that you decide you are not ready. I will be here, walking my own Brave Path, and will cheer you along while you walk yours.