February 23, 2021

I was having a text convo with my friend Erica last week. We were talking about how she has always been the bridge. In corporate she was the bridge managing projects and teams to move the business forward. Now, she has stepped into the position of being the bridge between source and your soul.

Throughout the conversation with Erica I said, this work is about hearing past the ego. *mind blown *

It is interesting how so many who have listened to the uncomfortable, the sadness, the push, have stepped into a place of service and reconnected with their soul’s work.


Today’s Taking My Own Effing Advice Tuesday is brought to you by Listening and Hearing Past the Ego.


What is possible if we slow down and listen? What are we missing by moving fast, always being connected to media, phones, electronics, and the day-to-day noise of life?

Oh, hello frying pan… we meet again. What the actual fuck?

Hearing past the ego?

Where did that come from? I don’t care what you call your higher power, we all have a belief structure that helps us navigate life, but ultimately it is that voice, nudge, or frying pan to the side of the head that encourages you to take the leap.

The nudge that makes you send the email to a friend or message the coach you have been thinking about hiring to help you navigate this stage of your life. Maybe it is the quiet encouragement to go for a walk in nature and disconnect.

It made me question how I slow down to hear past the ego- How do I listen to my soul? And do I even give myself permission to do that? Movement is my meditation. The time when I stop thinking, but am I listening?


As I look back on my life at the defining moments each one of those came in with force and ripped the rug out from under me. I can look back now and see the moments in time that were encouraging me to listen and move towards the life that would lead me here. There were times when I did not pay close enough attention, so the lesson came in like a freight train. I have no regrets about those changes in life because it brought me here, to this moment, to writing this blog post- and I can tell you each time I heard my soul trying to tell me something, but my ego was leading the charge.

My commitment to myself through 2021 is to set aside time to hear past my ego. To work towards living my life in a way that moves me towards my word for the year- THRIVE.


If you are looking for a partner to hold space for you and move towards what your soul needs to thrive. I am here for you. Send a note and let’s connect. There is always room for us to work together on defining your own Brave Path.