Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Grams…. Happy Birthday to yoooooooouuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!

If she were alive today, she would have been 105… and she would be mad that I was writing about her or drawing any attention to her… and posting a picture, she may have disowned me. I miss her, and when dates like this come around it make me miss her a bit more. Sometimes I find myself drifting to sitting on her living floor, running my hands through the plush carpet at her feet while she brushes my hair.


What I may not have told you about her is that while she went by Elizabeth her given name was Euphemia. And she HATED it! (Sorry for telling your secret Grams!) The people closest to her called her Eff, or Effie… so it feels appropriate that ‘Taking my own F-ING advice’ falls on her Birthday.   It also feels appropriate to say that today’s, ‘Taking my own F-ING advice Tuesday’ will be called, Taking my own Effie advice Tuesday.

(Shout out to my brother Derek who pointed this out the last time I talked about Grams.)


And because it is her birthday todays blog post is about celebration! Even though she wouldn’t want us making a scene I feel like it is a great excuse to acknowledge all the amazing things in my life.

I am celebrating two new clients who took a risk on themselves and signed up to work with me, they are ready and willing to do the work and show up!

I am celebrating that Ace seems to physically be back to normal a week later and while his (and mine) emotional healing is slow, we are working through it together.   I am grateful that my brother Derek and SIL Cristina were here for several days and were here with me when everything happened.  I am grateful for the amazing neighbours we have that showed up in person and through messages to make sure Ace and I were OK.

I am grateful that I can move my body and exercise, even when I don’t want to! HA!

I am grateful for the incredible people I have in my life and love that they are here for me when I need and show up for me even when I don’t recognize that I need them.

I am grateful for this beautiful home filled with love and that soon I will be able to have people over to share food, drinks and laughs.


I also want to celebrate the time I had here with Grams, the impact she had on my life and continues to. I want to celebrate her love for her family, the fierceness in which she protected and took care of us and mostly I want to celebrate the fact that she would be so damn proud of us.


Happy Birthday Grams, I had some cake for you today.