Alright, this week I had NO idea what I was going to write about. There have been so many things that happened that sent me into a bit of a spin. I have two projects on the go, one is amazing and so full of joy and gratitude, the other, well, it is a bit if a shitstorm and the person on the project with me has vanished… zero communication, zero follow up on her commitments and frankly, just ghosted. Who does that??

I was going to talk about the invitations I have received in life and when taking them on has worked in my favour and when I have ignored the flags. In case you are wondering, I ignored the flags with the disappearing act project.


Instead, I want to talk about surrounding yourself with amazing people and leaning on each other when you need it. Today’s Taking My Own F-ING Advice Tuesday is brought to you by the kick-ass women I have in my life and the choices we make to have certain people in our lives.


I am not sure what it is, maybe it comes with age, or from living through tough stuff… but my level of gratitude for the smart, powerful, kind, generous women in my life has been overflowing these last few years. I feel damn lucky about the people who have joined me on this journey.

Even just today I watched the women in my life rally in every way possible to support a friend and her family dealing with a stressful situation. Another example, calling my friend who is wordsmith and having a conversation with her about another friends naming process for her new venture. They have met in passing and had a couple of text conversations, but she jumped in and helped with her magic of putting together words. And BOOM- there is something to work with. The other marvelous woman that showed up today, I got to work for once upon a time and now she is friend. She arrived today to help with my little buddy Ace and just have a check in because we have not been face to face in a long time. #quarantinelife

And that is just TODAY. Can you believe how lucky I am??


So, as I take my own fucking advice I will focus on all the incredible people in my life, the ones who show up, time and time again. That send the text to check in, that hold space and send love and do whatever they can with whatever they have in the moment. That is where I will choose to put my energy today. The flaky, disingenuous ones who teach the lessons fade off in the background because I know who my people are and choose to shine the light and love at the people and places that deserve it.


If you are looking for a partner to hold space for you and move towards what your soul needs to thrive. I am here for you. Send a note and let’s connect. There is always room for us to work together on defining your own Brave Path.