April 13, 2021

I spent the last weekend immersed in Personal Power with 7 other beautiful souls. Recently I have been offered an opportunity to help bring this work to the world with Lori-anne and Kim. I don’t think I can express how much joy this brings me! Eleven years ago, this work changed the course of my life and I will be forever grateful.


But this blog is not about me selling you on a weekend retreat or coming along on this journey with me… it is another Taking My Own Effing Advice Tuesday and it is brought to you by Remembering.


When I jumped into taking a yearlong coaching certification, I really had no idea how it would change me. I also think about those words “change me” and wonder if those are the right words to describe what really happened for me 11 years ago. It truly is a remembering.

What I remembered all those years ago was my essence is gratitude and it has been the common thread throughout my life, no matter the circumstances.


Over this last weekend my essence evolved.


From Gratitude to Rebellious Gratitude. And it feels AH-MAZING!


It is the edge, the spark the permission to THRIVE.


Life has changed for me, A LOT and for the last bit I have felt there was something missing to my essence… I have this need to be LOUD! Draw attention, make some noise, remind you of everything that is good in the world. How we can be totally content… and still want more. That we can be grateful for all we have, recognize that we are already abundant and still want more.

This isn’t always about money and things. It can be about the need to BE more. To live into that essence, to remember the BE-ing part of human. To move through life with ease and grace, to be the spark that ignites something for others. To be totally content with our place in life and still want more.


I am excited to watch Rebellious Gratitude evolve, to continue creating strong boundaries that allow me to push boundaries. With boundaries we give ourselves permission to be, to explore, to learn, to grow with the growth.

So much came together and fell apart this weekend creating space to do the hard work. I am ready for the hard work, even if it means tears, yelling and fighting against all my conditioning. It won’t always be pretty, but I know it will always be worth it.

Who is with me?


If you are looking for that partner who will help you identify and set boundaries so you can push boundaries and thrive on your own Brave Path, send me a note. Let’s do the hard work together.

Love always,

Rebellious Gratitude